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F20: Things installed after fresh F20 install

;; Planet CCRMA and rpmfusion repos:
rpm -Uvh 
rpm -Uvh
groupmems -a me -g jackuser ;; check with 'groups me'
yum install supercollider-world ;; 32 packages
;; not ready yet: yum install pd-extended
yum install git
yum install fwbackups ;; run it to configure backups
Install DropBox from
dropbox start -i
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface clock-show-date true
;; get ssh working now and in the future:
   service sshd start ;; -> /bin/systemctl start  sshd.service
   chkconfig --list sshd ;; -> systemctl list-unit-files | grep sshd
   chkconfig --level 2345 sshd on
   systemctl list-unit-files | grep sshd
yum install octave-devel
yum install octave-signal ;; pulls in octave-control, specfun, general
    ;; In ~/.octaverc:
    addpath(genpath('/usr/share/octave/packages/'),'-end'); % Not automatic!        
    ;; Probably better to say this in Octave:
    octave:1> pkg install -forge signal
    ;; I tried it got this:
    octave:1> pkg install -forge signal
      warning: creating installation directory /home/jos/octave
      error: the following dependencies where unsatisfied:
         signal needs octave >= 3.8.0 ;;(!)
       signal needs control >= 2.4.5
    octave:1> pkg install -forge control
    ;; .. much compilation and compiler warnings ..
    ;; seemed to install ok
    pkg install -forge signal
    error: the following dependencies where unsatisfied:
       signal needs octave >= 3.8.0
    octave:7> version
    ans = 3.6.4 ;; sigh
    ;; Finally found 
hg clone octave-hg
hg clone octave-signal-hg

pkg install -forge package_name
yum install octave-doc ;; could not find residuez
;; residuez has apparently been taken out of Octave
;;   join
yum install octave-audio
yum install qtoctave
yum install perl-Env ;; needed by /w/latex/ckc ("use Env qw(PATH HOME);") - probably covered by:
yum install texlive-latex ;; tetex is superseded by texlive - pulls in 109 dep pkgs
yum install texlive-latex-bin ;; texlive-latex contains no binaries!!!
yum install texlive-bibtex-bin ;; this package granularity crap is annoying
 ;; error: no latex.fmt
yum install tex ;; you've GOT to be kidding me!
yum install texlive-epsf
yum install texlive-psfrag ;; will this ever end?
yum install texlive-pdfpages ;; for including PDF
yum install psutils ;; for psnup
cd /w/l2h
sudo make install
yum install netpbm ;; for image-generation in l2h
yum install latex2html ;; pulls in 79 more packages!
\rm /usr/local/bin/latex2html ;; from previous install
\rm /usr/local/bin/texexpand  ;; from previous install
yum install cinnamon ;; using now at CCRMA - adds 37 dependencies
;; FAILED to map caps lock to ctrl via ~/.xmodmap:
;; Failed: wget && chmod +x GoogleEarthLinux.bin && ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin; mv etc.
yum install git-extras ;; "git info" et al.
;; Failed: wget && chmod +x GoogleEarthLinux.bin && ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin; mv..
;; Visit      
yum install lsb ;; for google-earth - pulled in a lot of perl stuff 
yum install lsb-core-ia32 ;; for google-earth - 64-bit google-earth failed to install, trying 32 bit
yum install lsb-graphics-ia32 ;; for google-earth
yum install ;; FINALLY!
yum install aspell ;; nice for spell-checking LaTeX documents
;; follow directions at
  sudo yum install pulseaudio-module-jack alsa-plugins-jack jack-audio-connection-kit
  ;; add yourself to jackuser group:
  sudo usermod -a -G jackuser username
  cp /etc/pulse/ ~/.pulse/
  emacs ~/.pulse/
  ;; find these lines:
  ;; #load-module module-null-sink
  ;; #load-module module-pipe-sink
  ;; and add these two right after:
  load-module module-jack-source
  load-module module-jack-sink
  ;; then to stop pulse from restarting when it's stopped:
  echo "autospawn = no" > ~/.pulse/client.conf
  ;; in qjackctl settings>options scripting set:
     Execute Script on Startup: pulseaudio -k
     Execute Script after Startup: pulseaudio -DnF ~/.pulse/
     Execute Script on Shutdown: pulseaudio -k
     Execute Script after Shutdown: killall jackd; pulseaudio -D

  ;; now pulse should stop when you start jack and restart as jack
  ;; source and sink. when you stop jack pulse should restart in its
  ;; original state.
yum install audacity ;; pulls in vamp-plugin-sdk
yum install ffmpeg ;; audacity needs for mp3 support
yum install hevea ;; trying it out
yum install xcalib ;; invert video with 'xcalib -invert -alter'
yum install xfig ;; for fig2dev
yum install screen ;; very useful for remote job management
svn checkout jacktrip-read-only
yum install qt4-devel jack-audio-connection-kit-devel ;; for jacktrip
;; Guitarix build from source:
yum install intltool ;; for guitarix to build
yum install libsndfile-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install glib2-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install gtk2-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install glibmm24-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install gtkmm24-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install liblrdf-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install lv2-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install ladspa-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install lilv-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install boost-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install avahi-gobject-devel ;; for guitarix to build
yum install faust ;; for guitarix to build
yum install gperf bluez eigen3 ;; for guitarix to build
yum install texlive-pst-tools ;; Try to fix broken dvips:
;; From
yum install fedup
fedup --network 21 --product=workstation
rpm --rebuilddb
yum distro-sync --setopt=deltarpm=0
yum install rpmconf
sudo rpmconf -a
If you are using google-chrome from the Google repository, you must re-install google-chrome due to a packaging bug on the Google side of things. Make sure to adjust the command to the build type you would like to install:
;; failed:sudo yum remove google-chrome-\* && sudo yum install google-chrome-[beta,stable,unstable] 
ldconfig /usr/local/lib ;; Does "setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/lib"? (guitarix requires this)
yum install yum-cron ;; automatically updates yum repos
fedup --network 22
  WARNING: problems were encountered during transaction test: broken dependencies
    firewalld-config-workstation- requires firewalld-
    These packages may have problems after the upgrade.
dnf install python-dnf-plugins-extras-migrate && dnf-2 migrate
dnf install pd-extended ;; pulls in tcl/tk

;; ...

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