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F20 Headbutts

It took me a while to find my old system disk and mount it. The boot partition was automounted, but not the LVM partition.

fdisk -l | grep /dev/sd ;; find disks
mount | grep /dev/sd ;; find what's mounted already
;; figure things out
;; mount stuff
;; edit /etc/fstab

Subversion repos could not be accessed remotely via ``svn+ssh'' protocol, but could be accessed locally via the ``file:'' protocol. This was solved by deleting my host key in ~/.ssh/known_hosts. I discovered this need by trying to scp a file from the repo to /tmp. The svn command should be more informative when it fails.

Basically, when you install a new disk and do a fresh install, it appears you need to delete the entry in ~/.ssh/known_hosts on every machine that uses ssh, scp, etc., to access that machine, including on that machine itself.

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