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F17: Things Installed After Fedora 17 Itself

See §6.3.8 for installs on my full Linux system. This one, being virtual and limited to 20GB, is used for a limited subset activities, as defined by the installations below.

usermod -s /etc/tcsh me
yum install dropbox
yum install emacs firefox
yum install emacs firefox
yum install qt-devel
yum install gcc-devel
yum install gcc-c++ ;; REALLY?! This is needed on a UNIX SYSTEM??
yum install libstdc++-devel ;; "
yum install kernel-devel perl ;; vmware-tools needs
vmware-toolbox &
yum install qt4-devel ;; for SuperCollider
yum install alsa-lib-devel ;; for SuperCollider
yum install libsndfile
yum install jack-audio-connection-kit-devel.x86_64
yum install fftw-devel
yum install libsndfile-devel
yum install avahi-devel
yum install cmake ;; maybe already done by qt4 install
yum install boost-devel
yum install curl-devel
yum install qtwebkit-devel
yum install alsa-devel
yum install alsa-libs-devel
yum install alsatools-devel
yum install pd-extended ;; easiest sound-check, midi-check
yum install cwiid-devel ;; sc-git
rpm -Uvh
yum install supercollider-world ;; gave up on sc-git (actually finally built ok)
yum install supercollider-devel ;; need plugin_headers
setenv SUPERCOLLIDER_HEADERS /usr/include/SuperCollider ;; added to .tcshrc
;; Keep emacs help dir same as other (non-virtual) Linux machines (which use sc-git):
ln -s /usr/share/SuperCollider /usr/local/share 
;; otherwise change .emacs custom-set-variables list to show
;;  '(sclang-help-path (quote ("/usr/share/SuperCollider/Help")))
yum install faust ;; faust-git does not build yet (isatty not found at load time)
yum install faust-tools ;; faust2* et al.
yum install ruby  ;; for faust2sc (missing faust-tools package dependency)
yum install llvm-devel ;; faust2 (the new Faust itself) needs
yum install pd-extended
yum install patch ;; needed to apply a patch
yum install xmonad-gnome ;; tiling window manager (=> 65 pkgs! ghc*,dmenu,..)
yum install x-tile ;; much simpler, and pretty darn nice
yum install bluetile ;; simplified xmonad with more compatible defaults
system-config-firewall ;; enable/disable various ports such as ssh (port 22)
ln -s /usr/bin/qmake-qt4 /usr/bin/qmake ;; for faust2jaqt
;; fix copy/paste in vmware (not sure what actually helped): ;; take all defaults
service vmware-tools start
;; not yet
;; reboot
;; ok!
;; work around a bug in the latest Faust git:
cd /usr/local/include/faust/gui/
sudo ln ../audio/meta.h .
git clone ;; =>
  build_linux ;; =>
  yum install libXaw-devel
  yum install libsamplerate-devel
  yum install liblrdf-devel
  yum install liblrdf-devel
  yum install glib2-devel
  make packages
  ./ -j7
  yum install python-devel
  yum install ladspa-devel
  git clone git:// faust
Dropbox / Preferences / Advanced / Selective Synch ;; save disk space
yum install ladspa-calf-plugins.x86_64 ladspa-swh-plugins.x86_64 ladspa-caps-plugins.x86_64
yum install meld ;; for git 'mergetool'
yum install lv2-devel ;; for faust2lv2 usage
yum install qtractor  ;; lv2 host to try out
yum install vkeybd
yum install swig ;; for faust2android
yum install libyaml-devel ;; for supercollider build
;; Upgrate from Fedora 17 to 18:
   yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install fedup
   sudo fedup-cli --network 19
;; I suspended the virtual machine because the MacBook disk was filling up.
;; After freeing some disk space, I resumed the Fedora VM, and the upgrade
;; was in some insane loop apparently due to the broken network connection.
;; After that, DNS was wiped clean, and I could not restart the network.
;; The easiest solution was to delete the virtual machine and restore from backup.
;; Conclusion: Do not suspend a Fedora virtual machine while fedup-cli is running.
;; From the top (now going to 18 before 19, just to try being safer):
   yum update
   ;; make a VM backup of updated F-17 system
   yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install fedup
   sudo fedup-cli --network 18
yum install gdb ;; installs ggdb (had trouble with lldb)
codesign -s me /opt/local/bin/ggdb

Here are some vst plugins for linux:

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