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F16 Printing Headbutts

Printing from the Mac no longer worked. I deleted the printer on the Mac, hoping to refresh it, but then it was no longer discoverable at all. Printing worked fine locally in F16. After some futzing around, I found that the printer was ``shared'' but not ``published.'' Ok, back to random searches on the Web. Bonjour could see the printer after I revved up Samba. I installed it, but then the Mac could not access the CUPS printer queue (``host is busy - trying again in xxx minutes''). This turned out to be an SELinux firewall configuration issue (the CUPS port 631 is disabled by default). In the end, I believe the two things I needed to do were

One would expect the CUPS administration interface to be able to detect and report that port 631 is disabled. Similarly, when enabling port 631, a pointer to the CUPS administration page would be nice. In my opinion, error messages regarding remote CUPS printing on Mac OS X are extremely poor, and the man page for cupsd.conf is nearly useless, as is the syntax chosen for the file itself; it could be far more self-explanatory than it presently is.

I tried Samba because I was previously exporting printers as ``Samba shares'' (and might still need this to print from Windows in VMware Fusion on the Mac), but in the end I got printing working without Samba running.

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