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F14: Upgrade from Fedora 13 to 14 on a home-built Linux Desktop 1

I simply typed yum distro-sync (on November 7, 2010, right after f14 was officially released), and erased packages until it worked. It was rather ugly, but I was able to slog through it in an hour or so. This approach fared better than yum upgrade which also had a problem with JACK.

Even before the upgrade I needed to remove sooperlooper because it had an sbcl dependency problem.

I needed to remove sbcl (thus removing maxima, cmn, and clm), fomus, system-config-display, pyecasound, rhpl, texinfo-tex (thus removing a2ps), and kudzu. Thus, the main dependency problems seemed to be lisp and python related. I also temporarily disabled the livna and planetccrma repos.

I plan to try reinstalling the removed items from time to time.

Things done after the (rather choppy) upgrade to F14:

;; install zita-rev1 tarball ;; (for benchmarks relative to Faust version)
yum install clthreads-devel ;; for compiling zita-rev1
;; install tarball for libclxclient-3.6.1 and do a 'make install', for zita-rev1
yum install plplot-octave ;; scientific plotting in octave (to try)
yum install creox ;; guitar FX app found on the Web - does its own JACK connect
;; install /demolition-0.9.tar.gz from
;;         for testing LADSPA plugins
;;         needed to change 'glib' to 'glib-2.0' in Makefile (twice)
yum install dssi-devel
yum install liblo-devel

Things done after the above to get faust2pd working:

yum remove llvm ;; also removed llvm-devel, pure, pure-devel
;; make and install tarball for latest llvm (2.9) from
;; following advice on pure wiki re. configuring llvm:
./configure --enable-optimized --enable-targets=host-only
;; See
;; make and install tarball for latest pure:
yum install hg ;; mercurial
\hg clone pure ;; I have an hg alias
cd pure
make check
make install
;; problem:
      > pure
      pure: error while loading shared libraries:
            cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
;; fix:
/sbin/ldconfig /usr/local/lib
;; install pure-xml tarball for faust2pd
;; install pd-pure tarball (for some faust2pd examples)
   ;; Needed the following lines inserted in Makefile after "# Linux":
   CPPFLAGS = -I$(PDDIR)/include
;; install faust2pd tarball - needed the following Makefile edit:
   pdprefix = /usr/lib/pd-extended
   ;; (now m_pd.h is found) and we see the following:
> make
    sed -e 's?@version@?2.3?' < faust2pd.pure > xxfaust2pd.pure
    pure -c xxfaust2pd.pure -o faust2pd
    rm -f xxfaust2pd.pure
# make install
    test -d /usr/local/bin || mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
    cp faust2pd /usr/local/bin
    strip /usr/local/bin/faust2pd
    chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/faust2pd
    Optionally, you can also run make install-pd to install the auxiliary Faust
    abstractions in /usr/lib/pd-extended/lib/pd/extra.
# make install-pd
    test -d /usr/lib/pd-extended/lib/pd/extra || mkdir -p /usr/lib/pd-extended/lib/pd/extra
    cp faust-*.pd /usr/lib/pd-extended/lib/pd/extra

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