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F12: Fresh Install of Fedora 12 on Home-Built Linux Desktop 2

I am not using this machine much yet, other than as a server. The hardware is described in §15.2.

Things done after a standard F12 install with ``desk-top publishing'' checked (which seems mainly to load OpenOffice):

yum install emacs
yum install tcsh
usermod -s /etc/tcsh me
<run script for checking out personal repos>
make-links <personal data linked from separate volume into /home/me>
yum install texlive-latex ;; tetex is superseded by texlive 
;; copy/pasted from 
rpm -Uvh
yum install jack-audio-connection-kit
yum install qjackctl
yum install jmess
yum install amsynth ;; run as amSynth (!)
yum install timidity++
yum install vkeybd
yum install multimedia-menus
yum install zynaddsubfx zynjacku phasex hydrogen hexter-dssi calf aeolus
yum install octave-forge
;; pause
yum install yum-fastestmirror
yum install rpmreaper
yum install zynaddsubfx
yum install phasex
yum install hydrogen
yum install ams
yum install whysynth-dssi
yum install ardour
yum install dssi-calf-plugins
yum install bristol
yum install aeolus
yum install specimen
yum install guitarix
yum install rakarrack
yum install rezound
yum install qtractor
yum install jamin - [v0.95]
yum install lv2-swh-plugins
yum install ladspa-swh-plugins
ln -s /usr/lib64/ladspa /usr/lib/ladspa ;; jamin, swh-plugins pre-64bit?
yum install qt-devel ;; for qmake and SuperCollider
ln -s /usr/bin/qmake-qt4 /usr/bin/qmake ;; for faust2jaqt
yum install jack-audio-connection-kit-devel ;; for faust2jaqt
yum install chromium ;; repo info at 
;; This later failed to update, so I did a new search and found this:
;; I had to remove /etc/yum.repos/chromium.repo (even to do yum update)
;; There is now a google.repo and the package is now google-chrome-beta
yum install maxima ;; for my sporadic symbolic math needs
yum install octave-devel ;; for .oct file compilation
yum install qtoctave ;; eval
yum install plplot-octave ;; eval
svn co guitarix
yum install libsndfile-devel ;; for guitarix cvs compile
yum install gtkmm24-devel ;; for guitarix cvs compile
yum install ladspa-devel ;; for guitarix cvs compile
;; NOTE: The following configuration had to be abandoned when I upgraded
;; F12 to F14 - apparently pulseaudio autostarts JACK, when needed, using
;; an obsolete protocol (8) resulting in a infinite loop of jackd starts and
;; crashes:
    ;; configure pulseaudio to go through JACK as describe at 
    ;; :
    emacs /etc/pulse/
      load-module module-jack-sink
      load-module module-jack-source
    killall pulseaudio
    ;; configure qjackctl not to 'killall jackd' on exit
yum install gspicegui ;; messing around with SPICE: gschem, geda
yum install stk-devel ;; making sure latest version does not conflict
yum install pdftk  ;; needed by pdfcrop (Python version)
yum install poster ;; needed by pdfcrop (Python version)
yum install jack-keyboard ;; like vkeybd but outputs to a JACK MIDI port (no controllers)
;; install tarball for a2jmidid ;; need vkeybd controllers routed to JACK MIDI port
                                ;; from;O=A
yum install w3m emacs-w3m       ;; Emacs text-mode HTML viewer [SC help needs]
;; manually install pal-0.4.2 from tarball [a command-line calendar utility]
yum install rosegarden4         ;; music sequencer app
yum install dssi-examples	;; curious
yum install dssi-devel		;; hoping pkg-config will help rosegarden find
yum install qsynth		;; checking it out
yum install clthreads-devel	;; for compiling zita-rev1
;; install tarball for libclxclient-3.6.1 and do a 'make install', for zita-rev1

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