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Work Experience

Fall 2022 through Summer 2023: Professor Emeritus of Music and by courtesy Electrical Engineering, Stanford University. Half-time teaching and research advising.

Fall 2004 through Summer 2022: Professor of Music and by courtesy Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, based at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). Activities include teaching courses in signal processing and music technology, graduate student advising, and research in signal processing techniques applied to music and audio.

Fall 1994 to Fall 2004: Associate Professor of Music and by courtesy Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, at CCRMA. Activities as listed above. In addition, during this period, served as a founding consultant for Staccato Systems, Inc., and Shazam Entertainment, Ltd.

Fall 1989 to Summer 1994 (part to full time): Associate Professor (Research) at CCRMA. Activities included basic research in signal processing techniques applied to music and audio, teaching signal processing courses in support of my research program (Music 320/420/421, EE 265/266), and supervising Ph.D. research in the Computer Music Ph.D. program at CCRMA and in the Electrical Engineering Department.

Summer 1986 to Winter 1993 (part to near full time): Software engineer at NeXT Inc., responsible for signal processing software pertaining to music and audio: Designed and implemented a variable-rate transform coder for real-time compression/decompression of ``CD-quality'' audio signals on the Motorola DSP56001 signal processing chip. Managed the Sound, Music, and Signal Processing Group. Managed four outside consultants on software development projects. Co-designed the object-oriented NeXT Music Kit with David Jaffe. Designed and implemented DSP56001 software supporting the NeXT Music Kit, including the real-time DSP monitor and unit-generator modules for sound synthesis and signal processing. Wrote and supported The NeXT DSP Library. Helped support and debug the Sound/DSP Mach driver and the NeXT Sound Library.

Fall 1984 to Summer 1986 (half time): Research Associate, CCRMA, Stanford. Projects included violin modeling, woodwind modeling, new digital filter design methods tailored to audio applications, new reverberation techniques, time-varying sampling-rate conversion, digital filtering software, spectrum analysis software, system identification software, and pitch detection. Duties included teaching a two-year sequence in digital signal processing aimed at graduate students interested in music applications of signal processing and acoustics.

Fall 1982 to Summer 1986 (half time): Systems Control Technology, Palo Alto CA. Projects included time-delay estimation, ARMA modeling and spectrum analysis, underwater acoustic signal processing, HF communications signal processing, and general tool development.

Summer 1980: Electromagnetic Systems Laboratories (ESL), Inc., Sunnyvale CA. Application of linear prediction to FSK demodulation.

Summer 1980: Integrated Systems Inc., Palo Alto CA. Nonlinear estimation of resonant modes in large space structures.

Summer 1980: Computer Audio Research Lab, Center for Music Experiment, University of California, San Diego. Implementation of programs for digital filter design, sampling rate conversion, linear prediction, spectrum analysis, and an on-line documentation facility.

Summer 1979: Acoustics Research Dept., Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill NJ. Application of adaptive filters and variable sampling-rate to the Adaptive Delta Modulation speech coder.

Summer 1978: Total Technology, Inc. Identification of the optical transfer function of phosphor screens in image intensifier systems.

Summer 1978: ESL, Inc. Implementation of software for discriminating among several spoken languages on the basis of phoneme statistics.

Summer 1975 to Fall 1977: ESL, Inc. Digital filter design, AM/FM demodulator design and simulation, research on automatic signal detection and classification, theoretical analysis of system performance, determination of the sensitivity of signal measurements to various types of noise and interference.

Summer 1974: IBM Houston Scientific Center. Software for managing power systems analysis tools.

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