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Course Project

Often the 421B project is a continuation of a 421A project. Otherwise, the same kinds of project activities are available as in 421A. It is best to keep track of your time (roughly) on each category of activity. This lets you know when you've ``done enough by definition,'' and it will help when writing your end-quarter report.

Schedule (for those enrolled for more than one unit):

  1. Project plan due by the end of the second week of classes (email to jos).

  2. Written progress report due by the end of the fifth week of classes (about half way through the quarter). This is ideally a rough-draft of your final written report.

  3. An AES conference paper submission is encouraged during the 8th week of classes (the précis 2014 due date is May 14 -- the conference takes place in Los Angeles October 9-12).

  4. In-class project presentations are invited at the end of the quarter. This would ideally be your planned AES lecture/poster presentation.

  5. Your final written report is due by the end of finals week.

As mentioned above, an efficient midterm progress report is a rough draft of the final report including placeholder summaries of envisioned remaining work (not binding). At least the Introduction and Bibliography should be essentially complete at the midquarter stage. For continuations of 421A projects, one may simply update the 421A report.

For more discussion of projects see the Music 421A info.

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``MUS421B: Projects in Spectral Audio Signal Processing''.

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