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Course Overview

Music 320C focuses on audio plugin development in the FAUST and C++ languages, organized and supported by the JUCE multiplatform development framework, or used within interactive programming environments such as ChucK, Pure Data, or SuperCollider. The principal activity is a software project due at the end of the quarter, with a progress-report demo mid-quarter. Lectures introduce the FAUST language for audio signal processing and the JUCE framework for audio plugin development. A progressive series of example plugins is covered in class. Familiarity with C++ and elementary UNIX-style software development is required. Signal processing theory on the level of Music 320A and/or 320B is assumed.

Goals of the Lectures

Goals of the Project

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``MUS320C: Audio Plugin Development in Faust and C++''.

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA),   Stanford University