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Administrative Information


Class announcements are often made via email. For this we are presently using Piazza:

If you have signed up for the class in axess, by the first day of the quarter, you should receive an invitation from Piazza to join the class (using the email address known to axess). Otherwise, please join by visiting the above URL and entering your preferred email address.


You may sign up for 1 to 10 units. The first unit corresponds to weekly class attendance (about three hours per week). Each additional unit should represent approximately 3 hours of focused activity for the class per week.

Prerequisite Knowledge

You are expected to know

Skills to Develop

This course should move you forward along the following dimensions:

Your progress will naturally depend on how experienced you were coming in.

When you are up to speed on the above skills, extend your knowledge and expand your project!

Project Requirements

Project requirements apply to those enrolled for more than one unit. Your project must include

  1. a JUCE audio plugin (which can be a standalone app as well),
  2. at least one FAUST module (either by you or from the FAUST Libraries et al.), and
  3. something you can show to the class during the last week of classes.

Project Schedule

  1. Project plan due by the end of 2nd week of classes
  2. Project presentation during the last week of classes
  3. Final project turned in by email by the end of the quarter


Grades are based on class engagement, project updates/demos, and final project work. Those enrolled for one unit (class attendance only) should sign up for CR/NC.

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``MUS320C: Audio Plugin Development in Faust and C++''.

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA),   Stanford University