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Weekly Homework

There will typically be weekly to bi-weekly assignments consisting of reading, working theory problems, and carrying out lab exercises. The lab portions typically require programming in matlab.

The theory and lab assignments are normally assigned together on Thursdays. The theory part is due eight days later on Friday at 9 am, submitted on Canvas. The lab part is due on the same day at midnight.

For lab assignments, we will be using the Canvas website. To sign up, go to the Canvas website and find Music320B. Once you are enrolled in the class, you can upload your matlab files in the ``drop box'' on the left menu.

See ยง[*] below regarding obtaining help with theory and lab assignments.

Regarding late homeworks, 7 free late days are allowed (with hours rounded up to the nearest day). Late homeworks beyond this will be penalized at 5% per day. When using late days, write the number of late days used at the top of the assignment (date and time).

Students are encouraged to discuss the homework assignments with each other. It is fine to learn from a classmate how to solve any of the homework problems, but each student is responsible for carrying out and writing up the assignments individually. It is an honor code violation to copy the work of others.

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