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A Recipe for Learning

Learning something new requires multiple passes on the material. For example:

  1. Do the assigned reading at a fixed pace to get a picture of what's covered
  2. Watch the lecture videos, pausing and taking notes on anything newly learned
  3. Make a first pass on the homework, flagging and skipping when stuck on a problem
  4. Discuss nonobvious homework problems with other students, the TA, and/or JOS
  5. Write up the homework problems, everything now understood
  6. Exam prep: Reread the text for full comprehension
  7. Exam prep: Reread your notes
  8. Prepare your one-page summary of the course allowed in the exam
  9. Exam experience: Exercise in problem solving using the material
These multiple engagements result in a good amount of learning.

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``MUS320: Introduction to Digital Audio Signal Processing''.

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