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Software for Linear-Phase Filter Design

The Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox covers many applications with the following functions:

$\displaystyle \begin{tabular}{rl}
\texttt{firpm()} & (optimal Chebyshev linear-phase FIR filter design),%
\footnote{Look for the older name \texttt{remez()} in Octave Forge} \\
\texttt{firls()} & (optimal least-squares linear-phase FIR filter design), \\
\texttt{fir1()} & (window method for linear-phase FIR \emph{lowpass} design),\\
\texttt{fir2()} & (window method for linear-phase FIR filter design), and\\
\texttt{invfreqz()} & (weighted least-squares method for general FIR (or IIR)\\
& filter design \cite[page 50]{JOST}).

All of these functions are implemented in Octave (which free and open-source) as well, except that firpm is called remez in Octave (the original name used in Matlab).11.3

Methods for FIR filter design are discussed in the fourth book of the music signal processing series [87], and classic references include [64,68]. There is also quite a large research literature on this subject.

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