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This module describes use of the Faust programming language2by Yann Orlarey [2,1] to generate real-time DSP applications and plugins from a high-level specification. In addition to generating efficient inner loops, Faust supports Graphical User Interface (GUI) specification in the source code, and can emit code for various application and plugin environments.3 Moreover, Faust can generate easy-to-read block diagrams directly from the source, illustrating signal flow and processing graphically. This module focuses on generating pd, LADSPA, and VST plugins from a simple Faust program specifying a resonator driven by white noise.

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``Signal Processing in Faust and PD'', by Julius O. Smith III,
REALSIMPLE Project — work supported by the Wallenberg Global Learning Network .
Released 2010-07-29 under the Creative Commons License (Attribution 2.5), by Julius O. Smith III
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA),   Stanford University