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Copying the Web version of this book

Electronic copies of the complete HTML document may be freely made for private, noncommercial usage (e.g., to maximize local access speed, guarantee future availability in exactly the current form, and the like). In such copies, relative URLs pointing outside the current document should be converted to absolute URLs. Other changes may be made only with the permission of the author. Please do not remove the existing absolute links at the bottom of each HTML page which point back to the original location of the document.

Please notify jos (at CCRMA) if you find any errata or have suggestions for future improvements.

Is the printed book version identical?

The online book is periodically recompiled to fix broken links and add better ones, and to eliminate any known errata. Errata should be logged on the printed-book website and are typically addressed in the next printing or edition. (Successive printings of the same edition strive to keep page-breaks in the same place.) As a result, there may be a slight, temporary divergence between the Web version and printed book version. Links to specific pages of the Web version, however, should always work. Please report broken links of any kind to jos (at CCRMA).

The "edition date" at the bottom of each HTML page is the publication date of the latest printed book version, while the copyright date after that is the date of the latest Web version (date of last recompilation). However, when citing Web-published documents, it is recommended that you document your own access date. The "edition date" can be considered merely part of the title of the online book.

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