5.1 Re-recording to Binaural

By Jorge Miramontes

This page is made for my 220a final presentation. The topic discussed here is a 5.1 re-recording to binaural. In case you are wondering what a binarual recording is, it is a recording in which you place two microphones where the human ears should be (in some cases you actually place microphones in a real person's ears) and record.

Because of the shape of the human head and pinnae (ear flaps) we, as humans, are able to tell where a sound is comming from whether it be to the left, right, front, back, or even above or below you. By the time the sound has reached your ear canal most of this localization has already been produced. In the case of binaural recordings, the placement of the microphones captures this already localized sound. When you listen to a binaural recording with headphones you get the effect of sound comming from all around you!

The only draw-back of binaural recording is that they cannot be listened to on external speakers with the same effect. However, it sounds great with headphones!

Here is a picture of the microphones I used (you can get them at soundprofessionals.com):

My project entailed re-recording a 5.1 surround sound movie using these binaural microphones. The effect is awesome. Creative has there own "3D" spatialization option that comes with some of their soundcards but I found the effect to be non-realistic. My binaural recording was much better. Below are links to a movie clip and a two sound clips. I'm trying to figure out whether or not a visual aid helps with the reproduction of the surround sound. So test it out for yourself and let me know what you think --> jorgem@stanford.edu. The two movies I picked were "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Matrix". Enjoy!

Saving Private Ryan Movie Clip

Saving Priavte Ryan Audio Clip

The Matrix Audio Clip

Make sure to use headphones!