MUSIC 256/220a - Final Project

jorgeh@ccrma, 2008

Some screenshots of the application


Specifications - MES (Minimal Essential System)

  • OpenGL 3D data display - done

    The program must be able to display 3D surfaces, allowing the user to move through the scence.

  • Trajectory extraction - done

    Given a trajectory of a Hiker in 2 dimensions (x,y), the program must compute the Z coordinate of the Hiker

  • OSC messaging management - done

    The program must send OSC messages for different event such as creating/removing a Hiker or updating the position of a Hiker.

  • ChucK Sound engine - done

    A ChucK program will be written to place the sound in a 3D space.

  • C++ Sound engine - work in progress

    Beside the ChucK program for placing the sound, a less glorified sound can be generated in the C++ program itself.

  • 3D data parser - work in progress

    The system must be able to read external files with 3D surface data and possibly Hikers trajectories and initial conditions.


  1. November 25: 3D data display (using OpenGL)
  2. November 27: Trajectory "extraction"
  3. November 30: C++ Sound engine
  4. December 2: OSC messaging system
  5. December 5: ChucK sound engine
  6. December 8: 3D data parser
  7. December 12: Complex trajectories

Source Code

If you have a CCRMA account, the source code is available through SVN.

The whole project

svn co svn+ssh://

Just the ChucK files:

svn co svn+ssh://

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