Jon Peterson
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Self Portrait

Welcome to my home on the web. Due to a busy schedule, both personally and professionally, it is unlikely that I will keep this web site current. I hope to keep my contact information current at the very least.

I was born and raised in the Seattle area. I live with my wife, Allison, my sons, David and Jacob, and my dog, Bota, in Everett, WA. I work as a Systems Engineer for Cypress Semiconductor in their touchscreen group.

I currently work for Cypress Semiconductor as a Staff Systems Engineer, specializing in touchscreen technologies. I have worked on several high-volume products which implemented capacitive sensing as their primary human interface. Prior to working at Cypress, I had a brief stint with Fluke as an Associate Test Engineer. Before Fluke, I was a Programmer/Analyst for Sellen.

I received my MS degree in 2010 from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering. My emphasis during my MS degree was in signal and image processing.

I received my BS degree in 2005 from Western Washington University in Electronics Engineering Technology. My primary focus in my undergraduate career was in embedded systems, particulary with applications in voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

I graduated from Highline High School in 2000.

I am actively involved in my church (Mars Hill). At Mars Hill, we believe that Jesus died for our sins and by His grace, through faith, our sins are forgiven and we can be accepted into heaven.

A browswer upgrade may be in your future... I suggest