VoiceDarts is a single player game designed to develop musicianship and ear training.
VoiceDarts is in its toddler stage, complete with level one: pitch matching.
Future stages will include interval recognition and melodic memory.

Goal and inspiration: To create a fun environment to develop skills as a musician.

- Navigate to the directory, run 'make' and then './VoiceDarts'

- Press spacebar to hear a tone.
- Press again to stop the tone.
- Click and hold the mouse, and sing the pitch back. Let go of the mouse.
- If you are accurate, you will get a bullseye.
- If you are sharp, the dart will fly high.
- If you are flat, the dart will fly low.
- You must sing within one half step to even land on the board.

Below is a screenshot of the dart in resting position.

Resting position

Below is a screenshot of a bullseye!


Below is a screenshot of a near miss.

Ooh, a little sharp