An interactive and/or video tutorial is coming soon! For now, please see the FAQ section or, even better, download the software and figure out how to use it. Controls are listed below.


Here's a cheatsheet of the many controls you can use within the Soniverse. Note that for many of these controls, holding the Shift/Ctrl keys while executing them will cause them to be altered. Shift generally makes things happen at a finer granularity, while Ctrl generally makes the action apply to multiple objects.

mouseselect/drag objects
w, a, s, dmove
+, -zoom
entersynchronize loop cycles
F6save soniverse
F9load soniverse
deletedelete selected object (and those it owns)
rreverse selected planet
tslow time
iinspect all objects
left/rightincrease/decrease speed of selected planet
up/downincrease/decrease volume of selected planet/note
nplace new note under selected planet
1-9create this many evenly spaced notes on current orbit
<, >rotate notes clockwise/counterclockwise
cclear notes on current orbit
oopen a soundfile to use for the selected planet/note