Julia J. Mills

Julia J. Mills

VR, NLP, & algorithmic composition

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Major Works

Inner Transmissions: Virtual Field Trip Seed Grant

Terminal-Responsive Instrument Classes (TRIC)

Pattern Patcher, audiovisual sequencer

Dreamland, interactive video essay

F.Loyd, audio visualizer

Parser Tree, dependency parsing visualization


Conference papers

Temporality Across Three Media: Inner Transmissions (SMC 2023)
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Short essays

  1. Why VR?
  2. Simplicity vs. Minimalism
  3. Technology as Threat
  4. TikTok & Video Design Loops
  5. In Defense of Cheap Tools
  6. Disability & Physical Interface Design
  7. The Beauty of Fez
  8. Inhibition, Anonymity, & Mosh Pits
  9. Digital Abstraction

Mini Projects

Shorthand Tabs on Violin (SToV)


Pitch Tracking for Live Vocal Processing

Keyboard & Mouse Arpeggiator

Google Search Data Sonification