Jiffer Harriman

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Quadrofeelia - Quadrofeelia is an electronic instrument inspired by the expressiveness of the pedal steel guitar. The instrument has four "strings" which can be individually bent which enables unique gestures not available on most electronic instruments. It is a stand alone instrument with on-board sound synthesis.

Shown alongside a 1953 National Lap Steel

Quadrofeelia has been featured at:

New Interfaces for Musical Expression - NIME 2011

Thingamajigs – DIY Musical Instrument Tailgate Party

MakerFaire - 2011

The Initial “awakening” down in the Max-Lab:

Class Presentation Performance

An overview of Quadrofeelia:

NIME Paper

Since these videos were taken I have had the opportunity to jam on Quadrofeelia with a group of musicians and it was very viable and very fun. I plan to continue making music with it.