Jiffer Harriman

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Cacophonograph - Cacophonograph is an interactive sound art installation. It is a one man band that interprets music being played on a phonograph player by detecting beats and playing along to the music. The user selects the record they want to hear performed and puts the needle on the record. The robot band strikes up immediately with solenoids clattering away to drive sticks on a Cajon box drum, a washboard and strumming a cigar box guitar.

Cacophonograph has been featured at:

Thingamajigs – DIY Musical Instrument Tailgate Party

CCRMA – Modulations – 2011

MakerFaire - 2011

03/01/2011 - It's starting to come together... Here the solenoids are being triggered by transients in the audio which in this case is being picked up my my laptop. After I snap the first time the sound the box makes continues to trigger the solenoids in a feedback loop of sorts.

02/20/2011 - Cigar Box Guitar – If all goes as planned, the next time you see this guitar it will be playing itself, according to the sound coming from a record player.

02/08/2011 - Building the Cajon: