Jiffer Harriman

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Spring 2012:

Feedback Lap-Steel -


Winter 2012:

Wreck Chorder(for iPhone/iPad): A musical collaboration tool.  Here the collaboration will be both with the application which suggests chords and helps articulate rhythms and with the public at large. Upload a track and let others add to it or remix it and recycle it again and again, each time taking a new form.


Pickin' On ChucK: Here I explore some new human / machine collaboration possibilities.  This is a performance system created for the banjo (or any other instrument for that matter).  Using various analysis of the input signal the system will build a soundscape up with the performer in real time. 


Points of Perspective: Even the most mundane thing can take on interest and meaning depending on how you look at it.  Points of Perspective is an anaglyph 3D study which explores different visual and aural perspectives of a kinetic sculpture.  Sounds from the sculpture are filtered through speakers made from sheet-metal and plywood.


Past Projects:
The Sinkapater - An untethered beat sequencer

Filtering Techniques for Piezoelectric Transducers (or how to make your guitar sound like a banjo)

CacophonographA one-man-robot-band controlled by a record player

Quadrofeelia - A new electronic instrument, inspired by the pedal steel guitar

Below is a grab bag of other projects:

VST Plugins - Various Compressors, Limiter, Auto-Wah, Non-linear Distortion,Reverb, Expander

Cigar Box Guitar – If all goes as planned, the next time you see this guitar it will be playing itself, according to the sound coming from a record player. (see Cacophonograph above)

Click here to see pictures from RockyGrass and the building of my mandola:

How About Now? (composition written in ChucK programming language)

Optical Pickups for Trimpin's Water-Harp – This circuit will be used to mix the output of 4 strings. The design uses fiber optics sending a constant light signal out one side which will be modulated by the string and returned on the other.