Angry Trucks 3D

Nick Bryan, Jieun Oh, Isaac Wang
CS248 Interactive Computer Graphics | Winter 2011 | Final Project

(This is a homage to Angry Birds, one of our favorite games!)

I. The Behind Story...

The red bird from Angry Birds had exuberant dreams: to be reborn as a powerful truck, to fly in a spacious 3-d world, and to revenge the police (not those green pigs). These dreams come true in Angry Trucks -- your goal is to launch the truck and hit as many objects as hard as you can.


II. How to build and run program

III. Advanced Features & Implementations

  1. Mobile Devices - creating the game on iOS devices [Difficulty: hard]
  2. Physically-based sound [Difficulty: hard to very hard]

IV. Basic Game Controls

  1. Launch
  2. Camera Views
  3. Miscellaneous

V. External Sources & References

VI. Obtaining 3D models

All of the models were found using 3d Warehouse, and further modified using Google Sketchup. Some of the frequently performed modifications included reducing the size of the model, separating a group of meshes into individual objects (i.e. oil barrels), and creating a fragmented/ crushed version of the models to use in collision.