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 laugh is ON|OFF by Jieun Oh

What Is This? Client-side prototype of an interface for annotating laughter in videos using human intelligence, in the spirit of games with a purpose
Why Was This Made? To mark up occurences of laughter in videos, with the greater research goal to understand the acoustic properties of contagious laughters
How Do I Play? For each video, hold down mouse on the red button based on your current goal: if the current goal is laugh-is-ON, then hold down whenever you hear laughter; if the current goal is laugh-is-OFF, then hold down whenever you do not hear laughter. Your partner has the opposite goal as you, and you will be awarded points for the duration of mouse-down that did not overlap with your partner's. Continue until your power runs out or until the last video in the playlist.
Browser Compatibility: Please use Firefox 5.0. (Google Earth API calls seem buggy with Chrome.) Latest versions of modern browser is a must, as this application relies on various HTML5 features. Also may need to install Google Earth Plugin. Allow the browser to obtain your location, as it is used to load the Google Earth with locations of you, your partner, and the laugh-er in video.
For More: For implementation details and future plans, please refer to this document ( doc | pdf )