Music 256b | Music, Computing, and Design II: Mobile Music | Winter 2010

Homework #2: SonicSlingShot(SSS)



homework requirement

described in course wiki


source code:

original submission:

improved version (better collision handling):



download the zip files, and run on Xcode with provisioned iPhone connected



readme (rtf) :

--- key concepts ---

(1) meets all requirements as described in the homework requirement page

(2) extra features: when a launched ball pass through the slingshot, it re-triggers it (with the waveform)

(3) models physics with controllable parameters, including tilt gravity, air resistance, and collision elasticity

(4) each ball has a unique "frequency ID" , resulting in a fun tonal soundscape


--- difficulties ---

(1) using multiple image files for texture mapping

(2) unable to debug a touch getting "stuck" (seems to be happening to others too)

(3) getting the touches set-up, with correct logic, to create a slingshot + ball was the most time-consuming part






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