Music 256b | Music, Computing, and Design II: Mobile Music | Winter 2010

Homework #1: iPhone Programming Lab: Audio + Interaction




homework requirement

described in course wiki


source code (zip):

sine | fm | delay



download the zip files, and run on Xcode with provisioned iPhone connected

(need to use earphones for "delay" to prevent feedback)


readme (rtf) :

--- key concepts ---

(1) meets all requirements as described in the homework requirement page

(2) interface displays all sensor- and musical- parameters being changed

(3) used gradual increase in gain (when needed) to minimize clicks when sound is first turned on

--- difficulties ---

(1) took a while to debug my Delay class (a problem with calling a constructor inside another constructor)

(2) solidifying the concept of using userData to pass UI elements to MoPhO API callback functions

--- collaborators ---

Thanks to Nick for debugging help




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