Jennifer Farman
CS 476A | Fall 2015 | Stanford University

DEEPLY / Audiovisual Meditative Breathing Tool

Deeply is a meditative breathing tool that combines real-time graphics and audio to create a calming experience.

As the spheres gently swell in and out, try to match your breathing pattern to the motion of the audio and visual elements. Deeply presents the user with gentle colors, soothing tones, and dynamic galaxy visuals in order to evoke a calming pattern of deep breaths.


This video demonstrates the basic functionality and experience of Deeply.


Click the download link below to download a zip file containing the Deeply source code.

Required open frameworks addons

Deeply is simple to use. Just download and run the program. That's all!


Design and Implementation Milestones

Milestone 0 Project Proposal

Design goals and motivations:
  • Develop an experience that promotes relaxation, meditation, and breathing.
  • Make a tool / experience that is engaging but not gamefied.
  • Encourage user interaction in a way that reinforces a relaxed state of mind.
  • Create dynamic, beautiful, and artful interactions between the audio and visual elements.

Milestone 1 Fairies and Water

Design and development milestones:
  • Looping granular synthesis of samples imported from WAV files.
  • Logic for expanding and contracting circles on a time-based scale.
  • Real-time interactions between graphics and sound.
  • Sample loading and audio output functionality.
  • Basic filtering and reverb effects using the ofSTK library.

Milestone 2 Breathing Spheres

Design and development milestones:
  • Custom ofSTK instrument class for soothing tones, with notesOn / noteOff functionality
  • Logic for switching between the steps of the chord progression.
  • Setup voicer instrument
  • Initial stages of the welcome / intro screen, and logic for intro timing.
  • Setup logic for notesOn / noteOff functionality