01 April 2008 - introduction of virtual slide to 220c class

13 April 2008 - added 'pick' sound to the fm parameters. fm modulation ramps up very high and decays fast at initial 'pluck' of the string

21 April 2008 - fixed matlab filter problem. filter no longer explodes.

24 April 2008 - just gave up for the time being on using a physical model for string sound. fm sounds way better

28 April 2008 - fixed problem of slide going too far, into negative frequency range or too high to hear

06 May 2008 - initial work on gui, slider on screen with number box informing player of current position of slide

13 May 2008 - more work on the gui, especially adding guitar like fret marker symbols

20 May 2008 - added alternate tunings into the code (E6, G6, C6/Am7, Open E, Open D, G6)

22 May 2008 - added 'fret quantisation' - player can slide directly to a fret between 0 and 12 by hitting the corresponding number key (and '-' and '=' key for frets 11 and 12, respectively)

27 May 2008 - implemented different tuning selections into gui

30 May 2008 - first performance using virtual slide at CCRMA open house. played 'sleepwalk' by santo and johnny. thanks ethan for backup guitar.