Network Musical Performance Workshop (2010)
Technical and Artistic Strategies to Perform Around the Globe

Network Musical Performance Workshop (2010):
Technical and Artistic Strategies to Perform Around the Globe


Date Morning
Monday 7/19

9:00am: Intoduction | Workshop Description. Historical Overview. Examples and Demos. [PDF]

10:30am: Internetworking Tutorial | Foundations. Packet Switching. End-to-End Protocols. OSC Messages and Interconnected Laptop Ensembles. [PDF]

Lab 1
OSC Messages and Control
Tuesday 7/20

9:00am: Real-time High-quality Audio Streaming | Audio quality. Delay/Jitter Tradeoff. Multichannel streaming. Software Implementations. JackTrip. Musical Applications. Commercial Tools. [PDF]

10:30am: Alvaro Barbosa | Public Sound Objects: From the Web to the Real World [PDF]

Lab 2
Real-time Audio Interconnection and Mixing
Wednesday 7/21

9:00am: Alain Renaud | Cueing Strategies for Network Music Performance [PDF]

10:30am: Performance Issues and Strategies | Delay. Presence. What you need to be aware. Psychoacoustic studies, delay ranges in performances, synchronization. How to take advantage compositionally: is it the same on all the locations? Distributed patterns. Spatialization. [PDF]

Lab 3
Experiments with Delay
Thursday 7/22

9:00am: Sarah Weaver Telematic Music Performance: Recent Projects [PDF]

10:30am: Visuals | Visual scores. Synchronization through visuals. [PDF]
Rob Hamilton | Virtual Worlds, q3osc, MiTo Festival. [PDF]

Lab 4
Friday 7/23

9:00am: Beyond Performance and Challenges for the Future | Remote acoustics. Effects embedded on the network. Fixed venues: World Opera. Music Prediction. Art Installations. The studio of the future. [PDF]

10:30am: Chris Chafe Tapping into the Internet as a Musical/Acoustical Medium

Lab 5
Final Project

Instructor: Juan-Pablo Caceres

Class meetings:
Mon, 07/19/2010 - Fri, 07/23/2010
9:00am-5:00pm (with an hour lunch break)
[Class Room @ the Knoll]


SoundWIRE Research Group at CCRMA

Network Performance Software, for Linux and Mac OS X

Center For Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University

Net vs. Net Collective
Collective of musicians exploring network music that I co-founded

Locusonus NMSAT
Networked Music and Soundart Timeline (NMSAT)

Hardware + Social Netowrks for Network Music Performances

An interactive musical performance environment