The Science of Sound Recording

The Science of Sound Recording is an introduction to the scientific concepts that make sound recording possible. Topics that are not always thought to be part of the recording process are nonetheless critical to a full understanding of the tools used to make recordings. The intent is to introduce the science and explain how it determines the processes that are used in making and processing sound recordings. A better understanding of the scientific principles will help to explain why certain techniques work better than others and how one might best approach a new and different recording challenge.


Chapter 1: Metrology

Chapter 2: Sound

Chapter 3: Hearing

Chapter 4: Electronics

Chapter 5: Microphones

Chapter 6: Amplifiers

Chapter 7: Analog Recording

Chapter 8: DigitalAudio

The Science of Sound Recording has been published by Focal Press. The Focal book is greatly expanded from the notes here, with more illustrations and new chapters. For further info, please check:

The Science of Sound Recording