Musical History
I started playing guitar in junior high. My first band, Misanthropes , was a popular Stones cover band in the S.F. bay area before Bill Graham; although we played a Sunday afternoon at the Fillmore Auditorium, we mostly played high-school dances and such (store promotions, baptisms, juvenile hall). The highlight of Misanthropes was opening for Muddy Waters: we used their equipment, so I got to play his guitar (or was it the night Harbinger Complex pushed the Coke machine down the back stairs at the I.D.E.S. hall, or the night we were read our Miranda rights in the parking lot...?) The San Francisco area was an unbelievable place to grow up in those days...the music scene was incredible; there were numerous places to play and hear music: for example, the Yardbirds played at the Rollarena (yes, a roller skating rink!), where you could get within 10 feet without half trying! I played blues with the Staff ('69-71) and studied biological science in college because there was (is) no security in a music career... I mostly jammed with other folks in the boring '70's and resumed organized playing with Hand Picked, semi-acoustic country/blues, about '77. The Synics ('79-'81) , made up of former Misanthropes and Staff'ers, played original rock. The Hellatones ('81-83) played new wave covers and a few originals. Urban Renewal ('83-'86) played original new wave written mostly by Linda Kadis. Urban Renewal played the San Francisco club scene and almost released an album, now available on CD-R in limited edition from Dexter Records, before breaking up ["we could'a been a contender"]. Offbeats was started in 1987, and here we are. You can hear some of the Offbeats CDs if you follow this link to the Offbeats web page... Offbeats second CD is out and some mp3s are available below.
Where's that pick?
I began recording with my dad's Revere T-770-D in the '60's. Then he got a Sony TC-355 with sound-on-sound and I was off and running. I bought a Teac 3340 and recorded an album by Hammerhead in 1973. I started building my home studio (Jay's Garage) in '77 and bought a Tascam 80-8 in 1981 (and a DA-38 in 1996...something new every 15 years...). I recorded two gospel/soul albums for Vernon Thomas in 1983 and 1984. I've since recorded five CDs for Burton Stinson on my cat Dexter's ('77-'94) record label, Dexter Records. After a 12-year research assistant day job doing research support for the Neurology Research Labs at Stanford Medical School, I got my current job as audio engineer and lecturer at Stanford's CCRMA, where I teach sound recording classes and manage (wrangle?) the studios. I've also had some great opportunities to do live sound for computer music concerts, record just about everything imaginable, and work with some of the best musicians and composers around. I'm interested in recording technology, audio education, and independent record production.
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My most recent musical endeavor is Razzle Jazzle, playing standards, Motown and early rock featuring Linda Kadis on vocals.