Recording and Other News

My Oyster is released!!! The release party was a success, with several hundred in attendance. Until distribution is arranged, the album is available via mailorder from Pictoria Records

My Oyster was composed by Cory Cullinan and performed by Cory and a cast of dozens: it is a unique synthesis of classical, rock, and jazz styles (can you say, "eclectic" ?) which is likely to garner critical acclaim. (And sell a few copies...) This was an interesting project not only because of the musical content, but also because we recorded many of the instruments individually and often in remote locations. I learned a lot about micing techniques with instruments not frequently seen in the studio: bassoon, harpsichord, pipe organ, timpani, and tuba for example. I have become a proponent of hypercardioid microphones and M-S stereo recording.

My Oyster is getting radio airplay...keep an ear out for it! Specifically, listen to KPFA (94.1 MHz Berkeley, CA) , KZSU (Stanford), KPOO, KALX, and KKUP (San Francisco Bay Area); or you could call and request My Oyster.

Offbeats are working on a new CD. This time, we're doing a full studio production: lots of overdubs and double-tracking. It already sounds great and we're just getting started; stay tuned!!! If you see Doug Offbeat, bug him to get his keyboard parts going!

Right now, we're recording an exciting new Bay Area group featuring the songs of Mike London. London plays strong, guitar-based Beatlesque pop, reminiscent of Bad Finger, The Byrds, with a pinch of Sting, Peter Gabriel, and Tom Petty. Still, it has a distinctive London signature. This is going to be a big one, so watch this space for further details...We're done mixing and the album "In Dreams I Fly" turned out even better than we'd hoped!

[8/5/97] We mastered "In Dreams I Fly" at Fantasy Studios last week. Don't ever doubt the value of professional mastering. I thought our mixes were pretty darn good, but they really jumped out after a bit of dynamics and EQ! The graphics are nearly done, so we should have the CD within a few weeks.

[8/18/97] Just finished recording a CD project for Trivium Productions. Ever heard of Johannes Regis (d.1475)? Well, you might soon, as we recorded two masses with singers from Chanticleer in Stanford's Memorial Church for release next year on Lyrichord's Early Music Series. Some incredible sacred vocal music from the middle ages!


It's HERE!!! "In Dreams I Fly" is done. It's available for $13 and we'll have a web site up soon.

[6/30/98] Just finished recording, mixing, and editing a new release by Bay Area band Grendel: "The Shame Spiral". Nice combination of gritty guitar and pop vocals. We'll be mastering soon.

[9/25/98] Well, it took some time, but "The Shame Spiral" is released! Check Bay Area CD stores for the disc, Frintastic Label FR00012. Ask for it by name.

[1/8/99] So what am I up to now? I await the eventual release of the now-ancient recording of Regis masses and the upcoming release of Allette Brooks' new album Silicon Valley Rebel, which I helped mix. This will be mastered next week. Also, look for the recent CD from Debris, featuring Gavin Freitas...I recorded two songs for this project.

[1/14/99] We mastered Silicon Valley Rebel at Fantasy Studios and I was again amazed by the improvement mastering has made in what we thought were good mixes.

We also bought a new house and will begin building a new studio soon. Hopefully some new music will come from our new studio, eventually! Oh yeah, we're still thinking about finishing that new Offbeats CD!

[3/17/99] Silicon Valley Rebel is finished (although the printer is redoing the artwork to get the color right) and Allette will debut the album at the record release party April 25th at Luna Sea in SF. Also, I'll begin working with Debris tracking a new CD in the next few weeks.

[9/9/99] Allette is on tour in the midwest and having fun meeting new audiences and promoting her CDs. Debris is done with tracking and will soon begin mixing on CCRMA's new Mackie Digital 8-Bus console. A new musical entity War of Words has developed over the summer, consisting of songwriter/performers Tom Brooks, Linda and Jay Kadis, and Bill Nelsen with drummer Mark Resare. It's a rather eclectic blend of blues, rock, and pop and will be recording soon as well as playing live in the SF area.

[10/12/99] Finished a 6-song demo for Siddharth Kakodkar and his band School of Ruckus. Sidd will be shopping it and also selling direct at gigs. Will finish the Debris CD tomorrow. Gavin Freitas will be shopping it and selling it as well. Two cool projects that should both be picked up.

[9/8/00] Just finished another Debris CD "I've Seen 'Em On Gilman Street". Should be releasing it on Dexter Records in October. The Regis masses from 1998 were released on Lyrichord last month...finally! Offbeats are making headway on our latest CD, which better be done by Xmas...this year!!! Allette Brooks is still on the road promoting the Silicon Valley Rebel album. We're slated to start another project later this year.

[10/28/2000] "I've Seen 'Em on Gilman Street" is out in stores in the Bay Area. Get it while it's hot!

[9/12/2001] Had Allette Brooks' latest "Swim With Me" mastered yesterday. By far her best effort yet and a real pro sounding album. She'll be touring the US and planning a record release event later in the year.

[11/13/2001] Allette's record release for "Swim With Me" will be Friday, November 30 at the Noe Valley Ministry, 1021 Sanchez, San Francisco. Hope we'll see you there!

[5/23/2002] After years of work (not full-time), the new Offbeats CD is done. For a little taste, listen to:

  • What's Going Down (© 1994 Jay Kadis 3.6MB mp3)
  • Soweto (© 2003 Tim Boomer 5.8 MB mp3)
  • Remember, these are mp3, so the CD will sound even better! There are 9 more songs and the CD will be out as soon as we agree on the graphics...

    [9/23/02] Here's a little demo from Jay's Garage in 1981. Recorded to Tascam 80-8 with SM-57s and SM-54s only. The drums were bounced to mono. This clip was remixed on the Mackie D8B.

  • 28% (© 1981 Linda Kadis 4.1 MB mp3)
  • [1/10/03] Finally! The second Offbeats CD is here! Check Offbeats for purchasing details. Also making a couple of recordings with Gavin Freitas for a Green Day tribute album and starting to work on some new songs with Linda Kadis for recording this spring. After a successful gig the day after Christmas, it looks like the band with Tom Brooks and Linda Kadis may be getting off the ground. Several other musicians, including a horn section, are interested. Will also be recording another record with Cory Cullinan later this year.

    [3/14/03] So you thought political protest songs were passe? These songs were recorded to DA-38 using an Ensoniq MR-61 for drums, P-bass direct, and guitars went through a Roland GP-3 direct (no amp). Vocals were C-535EB/Ghost/RNC. Mixed on Mackie D8B with Lexicon 224XL reverb. Only me: writing, performing, recording, sentiments.

  • Got Religion? (© 2003 Jay Kadis 6.2 MB mp3)

    At one time, religions made positive contributions to civilization, but they have been subverted and manipulated by unscrupulous political influences to the point where they are a threat to rational thought.

  • Kick Him While He's Down (© 2003 Jay Kadis 3.9 MB mp3)

    I wrote this as a reflection on the Clinton impeachment fiasco, but it appears to be more widely applicable.

  • [7/29/03] This one was recorded to my 80-8 back in 1989, using LinnDrum and the rest me, recently remixed on the Mackie D8B:

  • Can't Save The World (© 1989 Jay Kadis 4.7 MB mp3)

    It would seem things are more like they were than ever.

  • [9/11/03] Some new demos from Linda Kadis. These are works in progress, as we're hoping to make real recordings at some point. Written in summer of 1999, the arrangements are still open to change. All home recordings.

  • Free (© 1999 Linda Kadis 4.4 MB mp3)
  • Heart's Desire (© 1999 Linda Kadis 4.4 MB mp3)
  • [11/25/03] A new CD from Ozzie Kotani and Steve Sano is done. Remembrance is a collection of Okinawan and Japanese songs arranged for two guitars.

    [6/18/04] Finished mixing a CD for Dale Boyle and the Barburners, a rock-a-billy/blues band from Montreal. Produced by Dan Levitin, it's a CD of solid blues guitar and vocals, covering a wide array of roots music with a little Hendrix for good measure.

    [3/16/05] A new recording project is underway with Dan Brusseau, Linda Kadis and me. Sort of a resurrection of Urban Renewal with all new material. Linda and I are also working on a jazz/blues standards project for playing live. Tim Boomer is the bassist and Mick Berry will hopefully add drums. Mick is also working with Offbeats and may spur the band to gig again real soon now.

    [5/30/05] Recorded some music for Gavin Freitas' cartoon Dave Karrot and Ketchupboy . Hopefully will be shown by Nickelodeon in an upcoming animation contest. [Nope, too "adult" for them!]

    [2/3/06] Recording work's been a bit slow recently, in part due to the renovation work on the Knoll, the home of CCRMA and the studio on which I've begun to depend. Dan Brusseau and I have expanded his work into a second solo album project that's really hot! Linda and I have been devoting our time to playing standards in a live project that should soon begin to work. Offbeats are threatening to resume playing on a regular basis. Should be a good year.

    [6/16/06] Just so it doesn't look like I've given up songwriting:

  • Turn It Off (© 2006 Jay Kadis 3.8 MB mp3) - TV seems worse every year... How bad can it get?
  • [8/8/06] Misanthropes, those old farts from the '60s, are playing at the book release party for Bruce Tahsler's book "The San Francisco East Bay Scene: Garage Bands From the 60's Then and Now" on Sunday, August 13 at the Saddle Rack in Fremont, CA. I have also finished the project with Dan Brusseau, entitled "I See Faces". Stay tuned for more info as it gets replicated and released!

    [10/17/06] Dan Brusseau's CD "I See Faces" is now out. Featuring guitarist Stef Burns, vocalist Linda Kadis and some rhythm guitar from me, the project is a tight rock album with vocals, bass, keyboards and drum programming work from Dan.

    We're also finishing Linda Kadis' record "So Long Ago-Go", music from the '80s that never got released. We're excited about this because the songs have already stood the test of time and are still fresh-sounding. The mixes are strong and the music, reminiscent of Blondie and Pat Benatar, is New Wave/World Beat with a bit of a punk edge.

    [11/02/06] "So Long Ago-Go" is being replicated. We'll be sure to let everyone know where to get a copy in a couple of weeks.

    [12/04/06] "So Long Ago-Go" is back from the replicator. It rocks! It's a vinylCD, so it looks like a tiny record and plays like a CD. Check it out at CD Baby, iTunes or PayPlay.

    You can find out more about the recording process and our friends who have contributed to the music at So Long Ago-Go.

    [3/9/07] I just realized I invented the blog! That's what this is and look at the starting date... Anyway, digging through the archives I found a couple of old recordings y'all might like:

  • Garbage (© 1989 Jay Kadis 4.3 MB mp3)

    And the all-time favorite, Numbskulls. This is the only thing I've done that brought in money from airplay.

  • Numbskulls (© 1989 Jay Kadis 4 MB mp3)
  • [6/05/07] So Long Ago-Go is playing on Old Wave Radio.

    [7/30/07] Misanthropes will again play for the second edition release party for "The San Francisco East Bay Scene: Garage Bands From the 60's Then and Now". It will be held September 9th at the Saddle Rack in Fremont, CA.

    [2/08/08] Working on a new record "Blaze" with Allette Brooks. We recorded the basic tracks in September and are now mixing. We hope to have the first song up on her web site soon. Also working on a new project with Dan Brusseau.

    [4/08/08] Both Offbeats CDs are now available at CD Baby! Clicking on the album cover will take you there.

    [5/25/08] Offbeats videos are now available:

    Sheep Look Up - from the Catalyst 9/17/1992

    Take What You Want - from the Catalyst 9/17/1992

    [11/13/08] Blaze, the latest project with Allette Brooks is mastered and delivered to the replicator. It's an amazing sounding CD with great performances, arrangements and songwriting.

    [12/12/08] Blaze is out! Check Allette Brooks for more information. This is by far her best work to date. Please buy it and tell your friends. I promise you'll hear the love and sweat that went into this project. She is also donating 25% of the sale price to the NRDC's Polar Bear SOS.

    Also, Linda and I are booked to do the Lunch Special on KZSU radio at noon, December 29. I've been a guest twice before: we play some music and talk. It's fun and you might hear something special. KZSU is Stanford's student-operated radio station (90.1 MHz in the San Francisco bay area or streamed from KZSU Live.)

    [1/25/09] Here are some of the posters I did for Offbeats gigs (clicking the thumbnails will bring up a readable copy.) Making them was almost as much fun as playing:

    [5/14/09] The latest project with Dan Brusseau, "Talisman" is on its way to replication. This one really rocks! Dan did everything but the guitar, which was again contributed by Stef Burns.

    [8/26/09] Talisman is now available at CD Baby!

    [2/23/2010] I was interviewed by Robert Harrison on his KZSU radio show, Entitled Opinions. The topic was digital music - we discussed the ramifications of the transistor with regard to music and how it transformed the world in general.

    [3/24/2010] Glass Wave, a joint project of CCRMA and the Department of French and Italian at Stanford, is now available. I produced this album with Robert Harrison as a musical introduction to themes from classical literature. Robert and Dan Edelstein wrote and performed the material with vocals by Christy Wampole, Thomas Harrison on bass and Colin Camarillo on drums. The first video from the project is up at YouTube .

    [4/27/10]"New" Offbeats video is up on YouTube. It was from the 2005 CCRMA Summer Concert series. This is from our video shoot: real multi-camera video was also shot but never edited, to our knowledge. Audio was recorded multi-track so at least that is decent, for a live show.

    [10/02/10] I have placed an mp4 video version of Offbeats playing at the 2005 CCRMA Summer Concert at Frost Amphitheater here. It'll look and sound much better that the YouTube version, but give it a headstart loading.

    [10/15/10] Here's another demo Linda wrote back in 1999: I Remember. The drums are Alesis SR-16, most of the guitar is my new Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra guitar processor - except for the main solo which I did the old-fashioned way and flew in from a previous version. My P-bass sounds pretty good on this, too.

    [4/15/12] My book The Science of Sound Recording is now available from Focal Press. The book covers the science behind the processes used in sound recording and processing. There's an introduction to math and physics to make the rest more accessible for those not already up on science.

    [10/1/12] I'm working on a new solo album with Dan Brusseau. He'll be adding guitarist Stef Burns but playing and singing everything else himself.

    [3/12/13]I found some old answering machine messages on a Zip drive and rescued them. They're now playable:

    Old Phone Messages

    [6/1/13] Dan Brusseau's latest - Squatterville Empire - is out. It's available from CDBaby, iTunes, etc. Thanks to Stef Burns for some great guitar work, and Dan of course...

    [1/8/18] So where have I been? Mainly woodshedding with Offbeats. Linda joined and we have a new drummer, Kelly Ralston. Here's a couple of live videos we shot recently:

    What's Going Down - Offbeats 2018

    Out Of My Control - Offbeats 2018

    [9/1/18] I've officially retired from Stanford! 43 years to the day. I still plan to haunt CCRMA but as a local-user who doesn't have to fix things any more... We're having a retirement party Nov. 9 at the IDES Hall in Hayward where Misanthropes opened for Muddy Waters 50 years ago. Should be interesting.

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