Hayward Daily Review, 09/24/10

In his My Word on Sept. 17 Robert Teglia makes several unsupportable claims in his rebuttal of an earlier My Word by Jan Frydendahl.

Teglia claims California's regulations are stifling innovation.  Has he not heard of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Solyndra or Tesla?  Behind the accusation is the desire to allow corporations free rein to exploit workers and customers in the quest for ever-greater profits.  This does not benefit the public, it serves the owners of corporations.

His desire to eliminate social services in the name of personal responsibility overlooks the negative effects on society.  Leaving sick people to fend for themselves compromises not only the quality of life for everyone, it endangers public health.

While more money does not by itself guarantee better education, spending less certainly will not improve it.  Educational quality depends most on the community’s commitment to educating their children.

Finally, blaming Obama’s policies for the economic downturn simply seeks to shift the blame from a decade of conservative policies that destroyed our economy.  By causing legislative gridlock, Republicans have prevented government from addressing any of the root causes of the recession, enabling them to blame the current administration.

Conservatives must be held accountable for their actions.