Hayward Daily Review, 03/27/07

How much longer will we tolerate the disastrous policies of George W. Bush?  His family feud with Saddam Hussein resulted in continuing death and destruction in Iraq while the war in Afghanistan remains unfinished.  Now he's ready to attack Iran.  He has usurped power for the Executive branch with complete disregard for the constitutional balance of powers.  He has presided over the continued outsourcing of America's strongest industries and watched as our educational infrastructure deteriorates.  He has shifted the tax system to favor the ultra-wealthy at the expense of the average citizen while spending the country deeply into debt.  His bellicose foreign policy has failed.  He has no respect for the truth.  This administration's arrogance and incompetence would long ago have resulted in dismissal had it occurred in a corporate environment.

While a Democratic Congress finally offers some hope of containing the damage, Bush is still in a position to counteract any legislative attempts to limit Executive branch bungling.  The only option left is impeachment.  Bush and Cheney must be removed from office regardless of the distaste we may feel for the impeachment process after the Clinton debacle.  The alternative is even less palatable.

Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, you're fired!