Hayward Daily Review, 02/02/06

A falsehood, repeated frequently enough, becomes accepted as fact.  This ploy contributed to the success of the Nazi party in 1930s Germany.  Now this tactic is used by the Bush administration under the tutelage of Carl Rove.  As citizens, it is our duty to critically examine the claims put forward by our leaders.

The Bush administration has had great success playing on the fears of the population.  It has pumped up the specter of terrorism beyond the actual threat it poses to the average American.  Television programs play on the same fears, reinforcing the message under the guise of entertainment.  As our news media, known for capitalizing on the sensational, present story after story about potential nuclear terror and biological attacks, these threats take on mythic proportions.  We have been persuaded to live in fear, keeping the Bush administration in power.

The Republican leadership has shaded, stretched, and spun the truth on issues from terrorism to Supreme Court nominees to bribery of Congress by lobbyists.  With an election this year, we can expect the volume of such distortions to rise.  It is time for all concerned Americans to reject these tactics and vote to restore balance in government.