As an engineer, I enjoy making tools for musicians,
programmers, and more.

I spend the majority of my time as an audio DSP engineer developing tools for musicians, recording engineers, and producers. This includes audio effect plugins (VST, AU, AAX), audio mixing tools, and more. I also develop tools for programmers, including my Python package audio_dspy, as well as through contributions to existing open-source software.

ChowDSP Plugins

Audio plugins for producers and mixing engineers, including ChowTapeModel a tape emulation effect, ChowMatrix, a matrixing delay effect, and modules for VCV Rack.

Persp3ctive VR

Former DSP Engineer at Persp3ctive, developing audio plugins with connections to a virtual reality environment.


A Python package for audio signal processing.


A non-traditional audio mixing and production tool.


A listening test app for mixing/mastering engineers.


A command-line utility for automated usage of audio plugins.