The Box - Jan Stoltenberg

The Box

Jan Stoltenberg

Music 256A - Final Project
CCRMA, Stanford University
December 2019

What is The Box?

You wake up in a purple Box.
You don't know where you are.
You are starting to get curious.

The Box is an immersive experience that allows you to acoustically interact with different environments.

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How to play

Open imaginary windows and explore different sites and situations.
You can't move outside of the box and have limited sight through the holes.

Have you tried exploring the different sites auditively?
What can you learn through communication purely with your voice?

Let technology help you to open your acoustic eyes.

Click the mouse to trigger blocks.
Press I on the keyboard to interact auditively.

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Spatial Audio

Every environment is acoustically modeled differently.
Early reflections are calculated in real time using Raycasting.
Directional reverb was created using real on-site impulse responses, digital models and sound design.

Wear headphones for the best experience.

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Download the application here:

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Watch demo video


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