VOIDSTAR is a 2d space shooter where the AI is generated by user-selected background music. You are the lone VOIDSTAR spacecraft, trapped in a two dimensional space box. The evil alien bugs are out to destroy your ship and it is up to you to shoot them all down. Good luck!

How to play

When the program first loads up, select a wav file to play as the background music. Depending on the envelope of the wav file, enemies will be generated. Dodge the enemies on the screen while clicking to fire blasts at the enemy. Once you have 10+ kills, a blue powerup icon will appear in the top left of your screen indicating you can use a scream powerup to quickly eliminate mass bugs. Enable scream mode and scream into your computer's microphone; the louder you scream, the more bugs will be squashed.




Download the source for VOIDSTAR 1.0.

Download my presentation slides for MUS 256a here