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My Google Scholar has a complete list of published articles.

My CV also has a complete list.

Current research projects

Universal microphone array channel expansion.

Data augmentation and spatially-informed embeddings for microphone array recordings

Audio-visual object grounding in augmented reality for perceptually-enabled task guidance.

AR that guides you as you carry our a task (cooking, for example)

Modeling cortical processing of speech envelopes with non-linear oscillators.

Data-driven optmization of mathematical models of neural oscillation using EEG signals recorded during speech listening.

Neural audio synthesis

Using deep neural networks to encode audio signals and decode digital sound synthesizer parameters.

Former students:

Prospective students

My current research efforts are supported by talented students who I closely work with.

If my projects sound interesting and you would like to get involved, please send me an email briefly describing your background, experience, and research interests. I would love to collaborate and/or mentor you.

Ph.D. dissertation

Mathematical models of rhythm synchronization and anticipation (2021)

Advisors: Julius Smith, Chris Chafe, Edward W. Large

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