Homework #2: Sonic Sling Shot (SSS)



Flip view settings:


Shake to clear: enable to clear the space by detecting the accelerometer.


Collision animation: enable the animation when collision happens between projectiles and walls.


Shred Mode: enable the shred mode.


Air resistance: adding damping to the media, the projectiles will be losing energy/velocity over time.


Wall absorption: adding damping to the walls. Lose energy every time touch the boundaries of the screen.


Number of Shreds: cannot be adjusted in this version (n==16). Shreds are the materials compose a projectile. (adjustable version is coming soon)


Collision events are sonified by Karplus Strong synthesis in STK, and the frequency and amplitude are mapped by the velocity of the projectile.


Most of the source code are in the files of projectile.h, projectile.mm and ES1Renderer.mm


Download projects:

sss_hugo_beta 1.01 (updated)