Final Project -
Animal Farm


Animal Farm is an interactive music software. I would like to define it as a toy or playground to let users relax by interacting with the characters in this virtual world. You will control a player walking in a farm and everything looks pretty boring at the first glance. Two pigs are idling and a goat is just sitting on the ground with nothing to do. The only thing you can do is to user your mobile phone to play some music. By playing different genres of music and controlling the tempo and volumn of the song, you are able to see the different reactions from those animals.

You can control the volumn and tempo of the song. And there are two modes - a normal mode and a weird mode inside the farm.

Everything looks pretty boring. You can play songs on your phone. Let's see how the animals will react to the music.

The video demo is here:

A video demo.

Set Up

The program can be downloaded here: Animal

Installation: Download and unzip the zip file. Go to the directory of 'Animal Farm' and click the executable file 'Animal Farm'.

How to use: 1. Use w/a/s/d to move the player.
2. Use 1/2/3 to choose the song and q to stop.
3. Use -/+ to control the volumn.
4. Use [/] to control the tempo.
5. Use 0 to switch the mode.

Enjoy it!