HTML5, API design, JavaScript

WAAX, Web Audio API eXtension, is a JavaScript library that extends Web Audio API. Its goal is to facilitate web-based music software development by offering a comprehensive framework.

The Deckle Project

Rapid Prototyping, Sonification, Arduino, PureData

The Deckle project is an ensemble that builds and performs on electro-acoustic drawing boards. An unexpected combination of sensors is used to produce sounds that are coupled to mark-making gestures.


Motion Graphics Engine, OpenGL, C++

Eytheril is a demonstration of 3D game engine built by me and Nick Kruge for Interactive Computer Graphics course. The project was nominated as a finalist in the Stanford annual computer game competition, 2011.


User Interface, Real-time Audio Software, OpenGL, C++

With the introduction of Markov chain and the flocking algorithm, Lush offers an engaging audiovisual user experience. It also produces OSC data in an organic fashion to control other music software.


3D Auditory display, OpenGL, Processing, ChucK

aVBAP is a revised implementation of vector-based amplitude panning (VBAP) for spatial display. With emphasis on real-time user interaction, it visualizes and controls sound sources in 3D sound field.


Gestural Input, Real-time Collaboration, C#, XDA

This team project for CS247 tackles every-day problems from a unique angle - “family setting, photo sharing and gestural input.” The prototype presents the novel concept of collaborative media browsing.


User Interface, OpenGL, Real-time Audio Software, C++, iOS

Sequa presents a new way of algorithmic composition with multi-touch interaction on mobile device. This prototype features real-time manipulation of Markov Chain based on the fluid motion graphics.