The Deckle Project

Rapid Prototyping, Sonification, Arduino, PureData

The Deckle project is an ensemble that builds and performs on electro-acoustic drawing boards. An unexpected combination of sensors is used to produce sounds that are coupled to mark-making gestures.


Generative Audiovisual, Processing, ChucK

Fragmenta, a series of experimental audiovisual works, stems from the integration of synthesized sound and motion graphics by organic feature binding between visual and music.

Mirror II

Interactive Audiovisual, Max/MSP/Jitter

Mirror II is an interactive audiovisual installation that emits a warped reflection in a distorted sense of time. The voice of audience activates the visual distortion and produces synthesized sound.

나툼 (Representation)

Interactive Audiovisual, Max/MSP/Jitter, iCube-X Sensor System

Design, building and performance. Natum is a multimedia artwork with interactive audiovisual and a unique interface. A touchable hemisphere contols 3D visualization and sound synthesis.

Music Projects

Music Production, Composition, Arranging

As a music technology enthusiast, producer and composer, I had produced or involved with multiple music projects between 2002-2010 in Korea. (available upon request)


Weekend Profession

Random photos of mundane objects. The result of mediocre equipments and pure passion. Have a peek at the life of a family at Stanford/Bay Area!