I am here at CCRMA as a visiting scholar, and they gave me a full account, so I thought I'd document what I worked on here on this page.

First off, I started working with Nando getting Pd to be a smoothly integrated part of PlanetCCRMA. Pd on GNU/Linux has been sorely neglected in terms of making it easy to install and use for the none-command-line set. At the same time, I smoothed out some of the glitches in the Debian/Ubuntu package, so that's good.

Carr, Nando, and I discussed the merits of various CMS's for managing a community, like an academic center. They were looking at Drupal, so I demonstrated the site I set up using Drupal (idmi.poly.edu)

Now, I am starting to work on USB HID support for the [hidio] object for Pd. In particular, I am working on getting generic output support working so that things like LEDs, force feedback, etc. can be controlled within Pd.

Here is my main site: http://at.or.at/hans/