I found jazz when I was in high school. I can still remember the confusion and trepidation of the morning I first walked into the school jazz band rehearsal and was instructed to play from sheets of music with no notes on them (OK, maybe a few). But I stuck around because I really enjoyed the (constrained) freedom and infinite (within reason) possibilities that jazz offered, a delicate dance and a completely different world from that of classical piano. I played piano for the school jazz band and jazz choir, as well as a couple of small combos that performed around town. As with my classical piano performances, I kept poor record of these events. So I will post more stuff as I find them, and hopefully as I record new ones.
Also check out the songs in the Covers & Improv section, which were hugeuly influenced by my venture into the jazz world.

Monday Morning Fever

I played and occasionally sang in the SHS Jazz Choir. Some days I resented the crack-of-dawn rehearsals, but it was all worth it, in the end.