Covers & Improv

Improvisation is a great joy and a crucial tool for my music creation process. The boundaries between improvisation and composition are often blurred as I feel (or fumble) my way through the notes, the chords, the melodies, and try to realize what "wants to happen." On the flip side of this "from-scratch" approach, I also enjoy arranging and reinterpreting existing music, sometimes weaving songs together in shameless medleys, and other times melding genres together. These explorations take place every time I sit down at a piano, and below, you will find those that have stuck around with me to become full-fledged pieces.

Lily Waltz

Improv Collection

Covers / Reinterpretations

Part Of Your World (from The Little Mermaid)

This is a relatively straightforward cover - I wasn't necessarily trying to "reinterpret" the song, but just wanted to record some pretty piano and myself singing.