Chamber Works

I started composing while I was in college. Many a night was spent writing in dinky practice rooms, jigsaw-puzzling various performers' schedules, and admiring Astor Piazzolla, who had a great influence on my writing style during those years. Below, you will find various pieces I wrote for the Composers' Collective and composition classes at Princeton. Despite their varying sound and performance quality, these recordings remain some of my most cherished, and I hope you will enjoy them, too.

Simple Things

Simple Things was completed in the winter of 2011 for the annual Composers' Collective concert. Simply put, it is an exploration of groove, melodic interplay, emotions, and other such simple things.

Recording Date: 11/29/12
Performers: Hana Shin (piano), Alison Beskin (flute), Nathan Haley (cello)


Oblivion was written in the winter of 2011 for the annual Composers' Collective concert. In tribute to the great tango composer, Astor Piazzolla, it attempts to capture the driving passion and drama of dance, as well as the deep, sentimental trance of Piazzolla's own Oblivion.

Recording Date: 6/13/12
Performers: Hana Shin (piano), Geoffrey Hershberger (cello)

Below is a live recording from the first performance. Despite the poor sound quality, I think this rendition has the momentum (especially in the beginning) that I haven't quite been able to capture in subsequent recordings.

Performance Date: 12/04/11
Performers: Hana Shin (piano), Agisae Kim (cello)

Los Momentos

Los Momentos is my beloved first composition and a series of snapshots, or "moments," of different mood and color, weaved together through the passionate energy of tango.

Performance Date: December, 2010
Performers: Hana Shin (piano), Daisy Joo (violin), Emi Nakamura (violin), Brandon Davis (accordion), Gabriella Watts (bass)

Something Forgotten

Performance Date: 01/09/13
Performers: Hana Shin (piano), Deric Cheng (violin), Jamie Chong (flute)

Four And A Half

Four and a Half is a short piece written for the "homogenous ensemble project" in Professor Paul Lansky's composition class. Written for four violins, it explores various timbres, registers, and textures that turn them into four distinct voices, and a little something more.

Performance Date: 11/21/12
Performers: Hana Shin, Deric Cheng, Ryan McNellis, Yolanda Yeh


Performance Date: 05/02/13
Performers: Hana Shin (piano), Billy Fang (violin), Lilia Xie (flute), Noah Fishman (bass)