At the end of the 19th century, the port of Buenos Aires - Argentina - was the scene of a blend of different folk dances that gave birth to a new music genre called Tango.

The Tango had its home in the slums and in the brothels, among sailors, pimps and prostitutes. The most popular instruments used to play tango at that time were the flute and the guitar, occasionally complemented by a clarinet or a violin.

From then, the tango music evolved and many successive styles were developed.

The bandoneon, the piano and the string bass were added to the typical orchestra line-up. The legendary Carlos Gardel introduced the tango-song form, which is quite popular today.

Flor de Tango plays a wide repertoire ranging from old-guard tango to modern styles like Horacio Salgan or Astor Piazzolla. The band was created in November 1996 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is based upon the traditional flute and guitar line-up.

Flor de Tango does concerts and shows with professional argentine-tango dancers. The band is available for private and public events such as receptions, corporate&private parties, festivals, night clubs&restaurants, and Milongas - social parties where the tango is danced.

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